Ever King Home Products (HK) Ltd. who combined Kwong Tai Industrial Co. Ltd. (Since 1968) and Ever King Houseware Manufacturing Ltd.(Since 1963) on Year 2014. We have more than 50 years professional experience in metal forming, wire forming.

“INTEGRITY” is our top principle. Base on our strong and experience team on quality control and product engineering, we believe we can help our clients to reach their goals on different quality and price.Currently, we help and production ODM / OEM projects with many LEADING BRANDS worldwide such as Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, France, USA, UK and Australia.

If you have any custom design or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime and we will fulfill your expectation as best as we can. Let us to make the design become the real on hand together.


“诚信”是我们的宗旨。 基于我们强大及富经验的生产团队,质量控制和产品研发,我们相信我司可以帮助客户群在不同的质量和价格的要求下生产出他们所希望的产品。
直至现在, 我们也一直和世界各国的大小品牌制造各款的ODM或OEM产品.
如果你们有任何设计和概念, 欢迎与我们联络, 大家合作共同将产品实现.

2 “About our Factory” 关于生产基地

Our owned factory locates on Tai Shan City in China, Guang Dong.
More than 120 employees who with more than 10 to 25 years experience in the professional Stainless Steel production field.

我司生产基地坐落在中国广东台山市. 厂内有超过120位带有10至25年生产经验的工作人员.